Gensou Rakuen FFXIV
When in danger or in doubt run in circles, scream and shout!

Come one, come all, to the Gold Saucer! Step right up for a chance to earn MGP like never before. For a limited time only, rewards for all attractions including GATEs, minigames, and the Cactpot have been increased by 50%! We've also procured a selection of tantalizing prizes for this special occasion, so be sure to drop by and partake in this celebration of revelry and riches!

ивент Золотого Блюдца, с вторника 30 мая по вторник 13 июня.
начало в Улде напротив аэзерита. X:9.4 Y:9.2
весь МГП дроп увеличен на 50%
можно купить новую прическу, плюшевого саботандера и 3 ТТ карты в коллекцию.

@темы: Ивент