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Project: Thanks to Yoshida

Hi all
I need help with a project for Yoshi-P

I run communities myself & in the past have put together really nicely printed thank you books that when received were adored.
So I'm planning to do that for Yoshida & his team.

Needed for this project will be messages of thanks/good luck for Stormblood/fan art (keep it classy, no R rated) & similar things.

Few notes:

-If you have personal stories/messages you don't want public (eg: if the community would like to see a PDF version) say so in your email subject line.

-Messages will be checked for anything insulting. If you are not English native and want spelling etc checked, no problem. Just mention so in the email.

- English or Japanese if you can. I read once his English is pretty good when reading but I'm not sure how true that is.

If we work really fast, maybe can get it done in time for Yoshida's birthday. That would be cool.

If you want to join, send your entriess to: